It’s been a long time coming this year, but after a few false starts summer has finally arrived. When the mercury rises, we can’t wait to cast off our winter woollies. This is when we just can’t wait to slip into our bright, light, new-season clothes. So, now is the perfect time to update your fragrance wardrobe too. Your favourite heavy winter perfumes won’t work nearly as well in summer anyway. This is because heat amplifies fragrance, resulting in an overpowering effect. So now is the time to swap your stalwarts for a lighter and fresher summer scent and don’t be afraid to experiment.

Summer perfumes Jo Malone Pure Blossom and Miu Miu

Blooming beautiful

Floral fragrances are an excellent way to welcome the warmer weather. Jo Malone London is leading the way with its Blossom Girls collection – a colourful, limited-edition trio that’s fresh, fun and the perfect way to transition into the new season.

Choose from Plum Blossom (splashes of plum and clean, white musk); Nashi Blossom (white petals, nashi fruit and pear); or Sakura Cherry Blossom; (a blend of cherry, rose, violet and bergamot). They’re sure to sell out soon, so move fast, or miss out!

Another gorgeous floral summer perfume that’s new for spring/summer 2018 is Miu Miu L’Eau Rosée. It’s described by the brand as a new, fresher take on its first two fragrances: Miu Miu Eau de Parfum and Miu Miu L’Eau Bleue. The juice is a soft, dewy blend of lily of the valley and cassis. There’s even a hint of musk for extra depth.

Summer perfumes: Neom and Chloe Nomade

If you’re looking for a floral summer perfume with a twist, the new Chloé Nomade could be the very thing. A floral chypre, its sweetness is tempered by the inclusion of oak moss, for a feminine woody fragrance. This summer perfume’s aroma is subtle and pleasingly expensive!

If florals really aren’t your thing, crisp citrus scents could be your perfect pick this summer. Neom Organics (founded by former Glamour editor Nicola Elliott) offers 100% natural fragrances. These are all made from ethically sourced, sustainable, organic ingredients, with no petrochemical paraffin or mineral wax. We can’t get enough of Neom Energy Burst, a zesty blend of grapefruit, lemon and rosemary – plus 14 other essential oils. It smells divine and helps sharpen the senses.

Bridal bouquets

Summer is peak wedding season, and sourcing the right fragrance for the big day is so important. Aroma and memory are deeply connected. So it’s vital you find a summer perfume you’re likely to love for years. One that will bring back memories of a very special day in a single sniff.

Summer perfumes: Fleur de Peau and Oribe Cote D'Azur

Keen to add some Markle sparkle to your big day? Meghan and Prince Harry reportedly chose a selection of fresh and floral fragrances from Diptyque to scent their royal wedding venue. While the French house is certainly well known for its candles and room sprays, its personal fragrances are equally fabulous. We think the new Fleur de Peau Eau de Parfum, inspired by the legendary love between Psyche and Eros, is a wonderful summer wedding choice: soft and powdery with just a hint of musk.

Nobody knows for sure which fragrance the new Duchess of Sussex wore to walk down the aisle, although she’s on record as being a fan of Oribe Cote d’Azur Eau de Parfum. Inspired by its namesake destination and redolent with sun-drenched notes of Calabrian bergamot, white butterfly jasmine and sandalwood, this is scent that’s simply tailor-made for summer.

Summer perfumes: Floris London

Prior to the wedding, British perfumers Floris London created a bespoke summer perfume for the royal couple, as part of its private collection. Sources suggest it was based on the company’s Bergamotto di Positano fragrance, a unisex citrus marine eau de parfum designed to evoke the warmth of a Mediterranean sea breeze, sunshine and shimmering water – in short, summer in a bottle!

If you’d like your own unique fragrance (for summer, a wedding or any other special occasion), Floris offer a Bespoke Perfume Design service – but be warned, at £4,500, it certainly doesn’t come cheap!

Summer perfumes: Vintage antique bottles

The art of application

Whatever the season, how you wear your summer perfume is just as important as the fragrance itself. Layering really does help scent last, so splashing out on a matching bath oil/shower gel and body lotion will preserve your perfume for longer. Our top tip? Apply your fragrance before, and not after, your body lotion. This ensures that the alcohol in the former won’t break down the latter. And never apply your fragrance behind the ears. This area has a high number of sebaceous glands that can “turn” a fragrance – and not in a good way!

Lastly, as with so many things in life, you tend to get what you pay for. Fragrance is available in several different concentrations, with price points to match. Generally speaking, Eau de Cologne is the lowest (and cheapest) concentration. It’s refreshing in hot weather, so perfect for summer. But the scent won’t last for long and will require frequent top-ups. Next is Eau de Toilette, which will also fade relatively fast. Eau de Parfum contains the second highest concentration of essence, while the most concentrated (and expensive) version is parfum – sometimes known as extract/extrait. Choose the one that best suits your style, and your pocket, and you’re all set to splash out on a new summer scent!

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