As a new decade dawns, I’ve been hunting high and low to find out what’s hot (and what’s not) in the world of interiors. After all, now seems like the perfect time, especially as I’m considering making small design changes to existing rooms in my own home.

The good news is that the interior design trends 2020 are not all about starting again on the home front. In fact, I’ve discovered that this year will see more existing trends, which will evolve over time. So, don’t recycle your rattan or cool it with curves in your home just yet! Of course, this comes down, in part, to sustainability – the buzzword in interiors and other lifestyle choices, such as fashion, right now. So, be prepared to look for longevity and don’t be afraid to mix an old design idea with something new.

Interior design trends 2020 Homary bronze velvet curved sofa

Curves in the home

Interior design trends 2020 show that this year continues the call to embrace your curves. Renowned as one of the hottest trends in 2019, this design style shows no signs of waning. So I’m ecstatic – from sumptuously soft curves on furniture to scalloped-edged tiles, it seems there’s something for everyone. Think furniture, soft furnishings, accessories, walls and floors, and even lighting.

After all, I find curves cosy, welcoming and reassuring. In fact, in times of uncertainty and instability, it’s only natural to look at creating a safe haven. Of course, minimalist clean lines and boxy modern shapes have their place. But I find curves create an atmosphere that cocoons and protects. So circles, arches and ovals seem set to stay.

I suggest you tap into this trend with a statement sofa – I love everything about this bronze velvet curved version from The sensual velvet works especially well with the crescent silhouette and curved lines. And I think the unusual emerald metal toss pillow adds the perfect finishing touch.

Now, most people equate wall tiles with strong square shapes, but there are alternatives. Why not introduce some softness to your décor with eye-catching scalloped tiles? Unveiled by Topps as its Tile of the Year 2020, this Midnight Blue Syren tile, inspired by mermaid mythology, is perfect for bathrooms. I especially love the bright gloss finish and unconventional shape.

Interior design trends 2020 Moretti Interior Design Biophilic design example

Biophilic beauty

Biophilic design principles may not be new, but this trend is set to go from strength to strength as the new decade unfolds. It seems interior design trends 2020 are delving back into elements of wellbeing and pushing these to the forefront of our minds. And I love this whole concept! Put simply, biophilic design aims to incorporate elements of nature within interiors. This will not only make your home look ultra stylish but it can help you feel better too: happier, healthier and more connected to your environment. So what’s not to like? I think embracing biophilic design is a great way to counter the stress of modern life and look after your mental health. Did you know that, in the workplace, it’s even been shown to increase productivity?

There are so many ways to introduce biophilic design to your home: just think natural. Natural lighting, shapes, materials, a neutral colour scheme and lots of plants are all easy elements to consider. If you’re looking for some help in this field, why not try Moretti Interior Design ? This luxury interior design studio has even got their own page dedicated to the concept of biophilic design on their website, right here.

Japandi style

As the name suggests, Japandi is a fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian design elements. The concept first appeared back in 2017, but it looks set to take the interiors world by storm in 2020. Japandi is all about simplicity, comfort, organisation and minimalism. It incorporates a strong emphasis on functionality and sustainable materials. Think clean lines, zero clutter and a muted colour palette.

This theme certainly look sets to be a strong contender for interior design trends 2020. I think these two styles make an absolutely perfect combination. In fact, they create a lifestyle with muted colour palettes in an east meets west style, from origami shades to low-slung furniture.

Interior design trends 2020 Matthew Wailes luxury rug Nautilus

The upcycling evolution

Eco-friendly interiors options continue to grow in popularity for 2020. Fortunately, luxury/quality and responsibility/sustainability are no longer mutually exclusive. I think Matthew Wailes is one such company that has taken upcycling to the next level. Its LuxuryEco collection features yarn that has been recycled from discarded plastic bottles recovered from the ocean in Thailand. It’s a breakthrough concept within luxury custom production that will hopefully pave the way for many more. However, Matthew Wailes sells to interior designers, decorators and architects only, so if you’re not in the business you’ll need to purchase via a specialist.

Interior design trends 2020 sustainability Chamonix reclaimed bed by Rust

I think sustainability in the wider sense will become a bigger factor within interiors. I believe that demand for eco-friendly furniture made from locally-sourced or reclaimed materials is set to soar. Swapping day-to-day products for more sustainable versions is an achievable goal for all us isn’t it? And rest assured, there’s no compromise in terms of aesthetics. Yes, imperfect finishes are part and parcel of natural materials. But not only are such pieces super stylish, they are also unique. Handcrafted pieces, like Rust’s rustic platform bed, are a great way to make your home look gorgeous, without the guilt.

Interior design trends 2020 Terazzo worktop by

A new take on terrazzo

In interiors terms, terrazzo began life primarily as a trend for commercial floors. However, interior design trends 2020 will make its presence felt more within the home in many different ways. Terrazzo is defined as a composite material that consists of marble chips, quartz, glass, granite or shell. Now, previously, it was a popular choice for floors and things like bathroom splashbacks. But because it’s durable and easy to maintain, it’s becoming a popular, cost-effective alternative to marble and granite. The colours can even be customised to create a bespoke design. Terrazzo is an inspired choice for a statement kitchen worktop, like this amazing nougat-inspired design by Diespeker.

interior design trends 2020 Habitat rattan trend

The rise of rattan

Natural materials are in no way new, but interior design trends 2020 could see different types of materials enjoying a resurgence. You may remember that rattan and wicker were a huge hit in the 1970s. Over the years, this trends comes and goes but now it’s all set to make a comeback. And I have to say I’m loving the latest incarnations.

Rattan works brilliantly with neutral and earthy palettes. And it’s the perfect partner for other natural textures such as wood, wool, cotton and linen. How gorgeous is this handwoven Sura rattan chaise longue, from Habitat? It works so well with the Moroccan-inspired colour palette and traditional kelim pattern, don’t you agree?

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