Our skin often suffers during the winter months when all we are looking for is flawless skin. It’s around that time when it struggles to produce as much collagen and is more likely to show any fine lines, dryness and wrinkles.


Fortunately, there are a few magic potions and lotions, which you can add to your make-up bag. Consequently, they will to perk-up your complexion when you need a helping hand. Here’s our pick of the best to help you achieve flawless skin:

Super serums for flawless skin

It’s only in the last ten years that we’ve all started to take serums seriously. But the truth is they can make the difference between ‘ok’ and amazing skin. So, what are they? Packed full with concentrated, active ingredients (which often explains the price tag) they’re made up of small super-charged molecules. These push extra nutrients into the deeper layers of the skin at a level, which your daily moisturiser can’t reach. This doesn’t mean that you can ditch your face cream as you still need that to hydrate to achieve flawless skin. But you should try and find a serum, which complements your moisturiser. As a result, they will all work together to fight the signs of ageing.

Magic Foundations

A good foundation can hide a multitude of sins…dark circles and a grey skin-tone to name a few. The good news is foundation formulations have come on leaps and bounds in recent years. As a result, there is an enormous choice in terms of coverage and colours for everyone to choose from.

What the experts say:

  1. Don’t forget to apply your serum to slightly damp skin so that it absorbs more deeply into the epidermis. Then press the serum into the skin with your warm palms to activate it.
  2. Buying a new foundation? Ask to take a small sample away so you can try it on at home in natural daylight. The artificial lighting in shops can often distort the colour making it look more yellow than it really is.
  3. The best tool for applying foundation so that it looks natural is your fingertips. Put a little on the back of your hand and start by applying it where you think you need it; under your eyes, across open pores and over any patches of pigmentation or redness.
  4. If your serum contains Vitamin C keep it in the fridge! The cooler temperature will stop the potency of the serum from breaking down. Plus, it will feel lovely and refreshing when you pop it on your skin.
You now have the key to creating flawless skin so why not head on over to our blog post on treatments to turn back time to find out our pick of the best?