Good content: What's your story?

Many people aren’t actually sure what content really is – just that they need it! There are plenty of different definitions, but we believe it helps to think of content first and foremost as communication. Different types of communication might have different audiences, and different objectives, but it all involves content. Bad content leads to poor communication, so your customer relationships suffer. And when relationships wither, your sales will soon follow!

Good content: Blog creation

The write stuff

Every member of the Christchurch Creative team is a qualified, experienced journalist, so we know all about words. We’re equally comfortable writing for traditional and digital channels, including social media (of which, more later). We understand how much the right words and therefore good content matter. In addition, how you say something is often just as important as what you say. Get your ‘tone of voice’ wrong and the consequences can be catastrophic. Get it right and you bolster every bit of your business.

Good content: write original, useful, informative content

Know your audience

It might sound obvious, but to create good content, you need to really know your target audience. But you also need to know how they relate to your specific business. Who is your customer? What do they want/like/need? How could your company and products interest them? What sort of language and tone of voice is likely to appeal? Our team at Christchurch Creative have decades of experience as interiors and lifestyle editors. In fact, we are hugely knowledgeable about the customers and buyer personas of our clients. We know how to create relevant, relatable, good content that attracts and interests all the key demographics.

Define your objectives

Good content is extremely versatile and can be used to achieve many different objectives. For example, a press release needs to be informative, SEO copy needs to generate website traffic and social networks can be direct sales tools or a way to raise your company’s profile. You have to have the skills to adapt your content according to your audience and your goals. This is why specialist writers, who know exactly how and more importantly why they need to adjust the type of work they produce, are vital.

Good content: How to create good content for Google

Getting to grips with Google

Great blog and website content are crucial. After all, this is how you will boost traffic, obtain leads and elevate your SEO rankings. The key here is to be original. Google rewards quality websites with original copy, and penalises sites that duplicate. Put simply, bad content won’t rank highly. In other words, you need to be creative, inventive and regularly update what you do. Repeating the same posts (even high-quality ones) isn’t just boring for customers. This can damage your traffic and keep you out of the top Google rankings. So creating good content is an ongoing, evolving commitment. You may already produce different material and your post ranks highly on Google for SEO and reader-friendly content. However, this doesn’t mean people will continue to read the post and stay on your website once they are directed there. The reality is that the content needs to be written in a way, which will rank highly but also truly appeal to your audience. This is why a fully-qualified, experienced journalist with specialist digital training is so necessary.

Good content: Social media feed Instagram

Stay sociable

Social media is a great way to increase your business or brand’s visibility, engage directly with customers, recruit new consumers and drive traffic to your websites. However, it can only do all these things if the content is strong. There’s much more to social media than a random pretty picture and a hashtag. In reality, it’s very much a two-way process and good content is crucial. In addition to creating appealing posts, you need to follow and engage with posts created by other relevant brands and influencers. So specialist industry knowledge is as important as quality content creation. Regular interaction generates all sort of symbiotic benefits. Therefore, make sure your social media administrator has the full, appropriate skill set.

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