The nation’s love of chocolate knows no bounds. Nor should it! On top of being delicious, it can work wonders for your body too (honest!). Apparently, it boosts mood, reduces blood pressure and even lowers stress – and that’s on top of tasting pretty darn good! To reap the benefits, the key is to choose chocolate with a high cocoa content (think 70 per cent and higher) – so the darker, the better. And of course, to consume chocolate in moderation: a square or two after dinner is ideal. Read on to find out why this delicious food could be healthier than you think…

Eating chocolate in London

It’s packed with antioxidants

Cocoa and dark chocolate packed with naturally occurring compounds called flavanols, which are praised for their antioxidant properties. These in turn work wonders for the body, from keeping potentially harmful free radicals at bay to improving overall heart and eye health, and keeping your immune system in check.


Chocolate can improve mood

Ever wondered why you crave chocolate when you’re feeling down? Or why it can feel so comforting? The answer lies in hormones. This sweet treat stimulates the production of endorphins such as serotonin: a feel-good chemical that can make you to feel on top of the world in second. It also contains a not-so-easy to pronounce element called phenylethylamine, which is in fact renowned for its aphrodisiac-like qualities!

It lowers stress levels

Forget the Radox and the yoga! Dark chocolate (providing it has a cocoa percentage of 70 per cent and higher) can lower stress levels thanks to a group of antioxidants called polyphenols. Also found in plants, polyphenols help to give fruit and vegetables their colour (think strawberries, blueberries and kiwis) and fight disease within the body too.

Chocolate can improve memory

Do you ever find yourself in the supermarket struggling to remember the exact ingredient you went there for? Chocolate could be the answer. According to studies, this food could help to retain some of the key memory skills that people lose with age. Best to stick to dark chocolate though – it contains more flavanols, which are responsible for this age-defying feat!

Your skin will thank you

Did you know that chocolate also works wonders for your skin? Flavanols work in similar ways to Vitamins C and E, both of which are celebrated for their skin-enhancing properties. It also encourages blood flow around the body, and in turn to the skin, which ultimately improves skin hydration and elasticity. What’s more, eating chocolate can even protect skin from harmful UV rays – not enough to not wear a protective SPF in the sun, but a helping hand all the same.

Pile of dark chocolate with peanuts and nutshells

It helps the heart

If benefitting your mood, mind and skin wasn’t enough, dark chocolate is thought to significantly reduce the risk of heart disease. It’s also said to lower blood pressure, improve blood vessel function and can play a part in lowering cholesterol. Did we also mention this food has been known to mend broken hearts, too?!

Chocolate contains essential minerals

Move over supplements, I’ve got my eyes on a tastier nutrient powerhouse. And you’ve guessed it: it’s chocolate! Magnesium, protein, vitamin E, phosphorus and copper are all present in chocolate – who knew?!

chocolate lead shot

Everything in moderation

Of course, given the long list of chocolate’s proposed health benefits, you’d be forgiven for thinking you have free reign to eat your bodyweight in chocolate. Not quite. It’s worth noting that while it may be packed with valuable antioxidants, it also tends to share a wrapper with less beneficial ingredients such as fat, saturated fat and of course, sugar. That’s not to say avoid this sweet food completely! Stick to the age-old adage “everything in moderation” and you’re onto a winner. 

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