I chat to Jane Rockett, the co-founder and co-director of online homeware emporium Rockett St George with Lucy St George. Pull up a pew and grab a G&T then read on to find out how they got started, their signature quirky style and how they use their designs in their own homes. You can even find out the latest on their new autumn winter 2018 collection, which has just launched!


How did you two meet?

We met at a fancy dress party in the late 1990s. Lucy was dressed in over-the-knee white boots, a white mini dress and wig (a sexy fairy), while I was wearing a red sequined dress, a blonde wig and a sash reading ‘Miss Leading’. It was love at first sight and our friendship was sealed when we discovered our passion for black clothes, flea markets, Manchego cheese, travel, Tom Hardy and (of course) interiors.

Why did you decide to set up Rockett St George?

After spending hours trailing around antique fairs and flea markets, rearranging furniture at home and generally driving our partners and children mad by continually redecorating, we realised it might be a good idea to join forces and make a career from our passions.

Where has your love for distinctive interior design come from?

I’ve always been naturally creative and love nothing more than travelling to beautiful places in the world as I believe that it is the most inspirational activity there is. As a result, I think my love of original and distinctive interior design has stemmed from this love of exploring new places.

Rockett St George palm tree light

How would you describe your style?

My interior style is an eclectic mixture of my love for vintage furniture, treasures from my travels, glamorous pieces and anything that makes me smile.

Where do you get your design inspo from to create your own ranges?

Lucy and I take inspiration from everywhere. Travel, hotels and restaurants, design shows, catwalk trends, instagram, history … the list could go on!

Which products in your portfolio do you design yourselves?

A lot of products on our site are own-design, including our bestselling Palm Tree Floor Light and Midas Bar Stools and, more recently, our Leopard and Snakeskin Print Wallpaper, Armchairs, Dining Chairs and Lampshades and Beaded Cushion Collection.

What is currently your bestseller from your RSG-branded collections?

Our Midas Bar Stool and Palm Tree Floor Light are our consistent bestsellers, but more recently our Soho Bar Stools and Pineapple Wall Lights have proven very popular.

Which new piece of furniture are you currently crushing on in your portfolio?

Our new collection of velvet sofas at Rockett St George have stolen our hearts! We have a gorgeous Ochre Velvet Sofa, Teal Velvet Sofa and Burnt Orange Velvet Sofa that are total wow-factor pieces!

What tips would you give to someone who wants to update their living room?

When you are updating a room it all depends on how much of a change you want to make. For example, if you are working to a small budget or limited on time then simple changes such as investing in some bright or patterned cushions for the sofa, switching up your floor rug or hanging giant artwork on the walls can make a huge difference with very little effort. For a complete overhaul or update, then consider painting your walls in a new colour or investing in a large colour-pop sofa.

Rockett St George Jane's house with floral cushion

Who are your design legends?

I love Charles & Ray Eames; they have timeless designs that look good in any environment or style. Whether its industrial, Scandi, boho. Their investment pieces will last a lifetime.

Yay or nay to florals in the home?

Definitely a YAY! I love punchy patterns that add floral drama to the home. Over the last few years, I think we are seeing a resurgence of colours and patterns, such as pinks and florals. They were traditionally thought of as feminine choices but they are now entering the home with a new modern and gender neutral edge.

Rockett St George bedroom wardrobes

How do you use your style in your own home? 

I love a clean, tailored look with a rock ‘n’ roll twist! So, whether it be zips on my clothes, stars on my jackets or snakeskin on my boots, I love anything with an edge. So, in my bedroom, I have painted my walls a cool and calming charcoal grey and wallpapered my wardrobes in a snakeskin print for a punk rock twist.

When do you think lighting should be considered in a room design?

Lighting is so important; it should definitely be one of the first aspects that you consider when designing a room. I think the most important choice you can make when choosing lighting for a room is how you want to feel in that room. So for example, in your bedroom you may prefer a calm, indulgent and relaxing lighting choice. Therefore, I would opt for table lamps, floor lights and plenty of candlelight! By contrast, in a kitchen you may prefer to feel energetic and sociable. So, accent or directional lighting would be perfect for creating pockets of light that you can prepare food under.

Rockett St George Jane's living room

Pattern or plain – what do you prefer?

Can I say both?! I love maximalist prints and I love homes that fearlessly embrace patterned prints. It’s such a unique and interesting way of putting your own unique stamp on your home. However, I also love the calming effect of one colour block as it demands the eye without overwhelming a room.

Tell me which lights have proven to be most popular this year?

Our Rockett St George Large Artisan Tete Table Lamp With Straw Shades have been very popular this year. They are super unique and expressive with a carved mannequin-style head table light base and a quirky straw shade looks like a funky hairstyle or hairdo!

Rockett St George Leopard Love Wallpaper

Which colours are your favourites right now for the home?

I’m really loving modern pink colours at the moment. I recently painted my living room with our Pink Broderie Colour from the RSG (Rockett St George) Curated Paint Collection and I love how warming and calming it is with a touch of modern glamour! It’s amazing how simply changing the wall colours can totally transform a room.

If you had to pick two wallpapers from your collections, which would these be?

The Leopard Love and Sexy Snakeskin RSG (Rockett St George) Own-design wallpapers are my favourites, and our customers favourites too!

Rockett St George Sexy Snakeskin Armchair

Do you have anything new coming soon?

Yes, our new Rockett St George AW18 Collection has just launched and Lucy and I have designed a number of eclectic and expressive homewares including Leopard and Snakeskin velvet armchairs, dining chairs, lampshades and cushions and a new beaded cushion, placemat and coaster collection, alongside a new selection of statement velvet sofas and armchairs.

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